Core Skills for Design Thinking – according to Tim Brown

We are all designers. Everyday we produce. Professionally and personally. A response to customer. A birthday party for your kid. A meeting. A vacation. All those thing we produce are designed by us. Daily.

Design has become too important to be left to designers… In Change by Design by Tim Brown argue that design need to expand. Business leaders need to integrate the methods of the designers just as the designers need to broader their reach from the shaping of object or services.

What skills do we need to develop to become better designers?

According to Tim Brown a design thinker needs to develop:

  • The ability to observe and understand the need of people
  • The ability to convert those insights into meaningful strategies, so the ability to synthesise
  • The ability to take insight about people and convert them into solutions that can range from anything from service to products
  • The ability to prototype and evaluate those prototypes
  • The ability to tell stories and spread your ideas
  • Watch his responses here.

    Now that you know, how good are you on those abilities and how can you improve ?