The 10 Commandments of the Intrapreneur

In 1985, the book Intrapreneuring from Gifford Pinchot answers the question Why you dont have to leave the corporation to become an Entrepreneur?

As part of the answer, he proposes “The Intrapreneur’s 10 Commandments

37 years later intrapreneurship has largely grown and those 10 commandments are still relevant. Which commandment do you like the best?

1. Come to work each day willing to be fired

2. Circumvent any orders aimed at stopping your dream

3. Do any job needed to make your project work, regardless of your job description

4. Find people to help you

5. Follow your intuition about the people you choose, and work only with the best

6. Work underground as long as you can – publicity triggers the corporate immune mechanism

7. Never bet on a race unless you are running in it

8. Remember it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission

9. Be true to your goals, but realistic about the ways to achieve them

10. Honor your sponsors

When designing and operating intrapreneurship programs at Tango, we found that some those Commandments are in fact pillars of our programs.

Which one do you believe is the most important Commandement?