Business ideas are worthless

Ideas are seen as the starting point of successful businesses.

The truths is that the initial idea doesn’t really count in the success of a business. I would argue that what matter over the idea is the the vision you have and how you will pursue it.

Here is how Jeff Bezos express it:

It’s easy to have ideas.

It’s very hard to turn ideas into a successful product. There are a lot of steps in between and it takes persistence and relentlessness. So I always tell people who think I want to be entrepreneurs: you need a combination of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility. And you have to know when to be which.

Basically you need to be stubborn on your vision otherwise it will be too easy to give up.

But you need to be very flexible on the details, because as you go along pursuing your vision you will find that some of your preconceptions were  wrong and you’re going to need to be able to change those things.

Taking an idea successfully all the way to the market and turning it into a real product, that people care about, that really improves people’s lives, is a lot of hard work.