Confucius progress on twitter

Time for a quick update on confucius140, my little Chinese wisdom experiment on twitter. To make Confucius more findable, I added hash tags to each quote when room allowed it. I still didn’t promote the account in anyway.
Follower and re-tweets, the 2 metrics I am looking at, have been progressing slowly.

Confucius Twitter progress, Sept09

Confucius Twitter progress, Sept’09

Number of followers is now 45, some of them are marketing spam but some of them are relevant users that re-tweet and engage with the proposition.

Not sure what is the best way to count effectively the number of re-tweet. This is a good indicator to measure the engagement of the followers (a re-tweet/tweet ratio). Another good indicator is the number of followfriday / recommendations is the account getting. A few sites are providing some analysis and ranking:

Checkretweet is ranking the account as: Retweet rank: 6571- approx 86.33 percentile.

TwitterGrader is ranking the account as 75 over 100.

Twinfluence is giving some insight about the social network linked to the account:

2nd-order followers: 318,935
Velocity: 5,407 second-order followers/day
Social Capital: 7,087.4 +1.1 High
Centralization: 18.00% / 0.0 Average – Resilient

The definitions of the term, and how they are computed are explained here.

Most of those stats are missing a clear engagement metrics. From my perspective user or follower engagement can be measured with number of re-tweets, mentions and direct replies that the account is getting. Or may be I just haven’t found the service measuring this.