Introduction to 3D printing

3D Printing sounds like science fiction becoming reality. The promise of objects that can appear or be created anywhere. Wherever you are. At home, across the world or in space. Any object you dreamed of can become a physical reality. And imagine 3D scanning an object and sending it to a printer, you get a 3D copy. And if your printer is far away from your scanner, some argue that this is the closes thing to teleportation we have… you get the idea. So to see what’s actually possible or not, I tried to get a better understanding of the basic possibilities of the 3D Printer.

This is the basics, he explains how 3D printing works, on his homemade 3D printer. He even 3D printed some parts of his printer the same printer.

Ok now you get it for the plastic, how about 3D printing metal objects ?

Now think of the limitess possibilities, what can you print ? Shoes ? Jewellery ?

Interested ? Well you can get a commercial, user friendly model for your home.

If you get one of those, let me know, I have a few things I would like to print 🙂