First touch on the computer…

My passion for technology probably started when the first computer arrived at home. It was in the 80′s, the computer was ‘The Macintosh’.

I recall using the two best software available at the time, MacPaint and MacWrite, playing the labyrinth and practicing the mouse control skills. The Macintosh didn’t have a hard drive and the programs were loaded from floppy. Later we managed to get a copy of ‘Load Runner’ and I spent hours digging the brick floor and climbing ladder to escape the bad guys and accumulate treasures. How about a mobile version now? The other games that I had my hands on where MacManager, a simple company management simulator and an adventure game one called ‘Cyclop Saber’.

Until one day I found this strange program sitting on a floppy. With this program, I could look at the hexadecimal of a file and edit it. Making changes to the program. That triggered a lot of those screens:

Never the less, I edited pieces of text and changed user messages on programs. It’s only a few years after that I learnt all about programming, editors and compiling. I guess somehow the magic of creating something and seeing it on the screen remained.