Confucius said, twitter is growing

Time for a quite update on how Confucius140 is growing on twitter. It is a experimental account that tweet twice a day a famous quote.

Growth is steady, about 8 new followers per day. The account is now reaching 4.000 followers.

According the it’s getting about 8 retweet for each quote. This is a 0.2% retweet per follower.

The most retweeted tweet resulted of Enrique Bunbury retweet. Thank you Enrique and your 150k followers.

Tweetreach provided nicely presented stats but I struggled to make anything out of it and found the number confusing.

The Confucius experiment is now spreading to Facebook – as the Confucius Wisdom fan page. This simple tweet allowed the page to get started with 7 likes. Let’s wait and observe how virality works on Facebook now.